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Healthy Skin is beautiful skin

Our Signature beauty treatment is so exceptional and held to such high standards that it is fit for the Queen!

About Us

Highly educated health professionals design our treatments for superior performance and long-term durability

Highly trained therapists will revive your senses while relieving stress and pain.  A wide range of luxury treatments includes custom facials, body massage with aromatherapy, and waxing. High-end spa products coupled with specialized European techniques ensure a highly personalized and individual experience. Euro Day Spa takes pride in providing therapies that build confidence and inner beauty

European Standard of Beauty

Combining specialized European techniques and high-end European products, we provide a highly personalized experience designed to improve your self-esteem.

Why choose us
Why choose us

15+ years of experience​

Whether it’s a job adding stress to your day or UV rays and pollution causing damage, life can get under your skin. At Euro Day Spa, we’ve got more than ten years of experience, and believe in the importance of effective treatments to protect and enhance our glow.

Friendly Location

Euro DaySpa is in the beautiful and historic Orlando suburb of Winter Park—often referred to as “Little Europe” and known for its charming neighborhoods and landmark buildings. Euro Day Spa offers an upscale setting with a relaxed, yet intimate atmosphere.


Gold standard of Relaxation


An hour’s worth of signature relaxing massages, complemented with a touch of


Aromatherapy and hot stone treatments.
Lie down, exhale, and feel the life-related tension and stress simply melt away!


Just one massage promises to get you bouncing back onto your feet


The first-class experience our beauty equipment provides through long-lasting noticeable results will make you feel like royalty.

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Talented professionals from all over the world

Our talented professionals have transformed us into a pioneer of the modern beauty industry

Spa Gift Screams: " I Love You"

Gift Someone you love with the ultimate in body care treatments at Euro Day Spa